Customized Gaming to help you Build and Monetize Experiences

If you are seeking advice at no cost, go with booking a call with me, and if you want to optimize your gameplay experiences, please choose the gaming videos; plus, the select few people who are building a desktop then jump right into customized learning.

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Speak with a Gamer

Book a Phone Consultation if you like to Speak with a Gamer at no cost, who will help you Customize a Computer; and Monetize your Gaming.

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Master of Skills

I have over 10+ years of hands-on Experience being an Elite Gamer, Desktop Builder, and Computer Technician.

Over the past 6+ years I have evolved my skills into these exclusive areas, working closely with other Gamers in the effort to help them with a Customized Build; and I do this using my experience as a PC Tech.


I have primarily played First-Shooter Games on platforms such as Steam, Electronic Arts, UBI Soft and Xbox to mention my favorites, and learning both the Community and the Gameplay side, has giving me an edge.


Over the years as a Technician, I have had the opportunity to work with Gamer oriented Customers, who have hired me to Build them a Desktop exclusive to their specific Gaming.


Gaming is a unique experience when using a computer, and I've learned both the Software and Hardware aspects of what is required for proper setup; to ensure the experience is compatible.

A skill is the ability to learn how to act with determined effort for the expectation of a proven result, with understanding of the execution process often achieved within a given amount of time; through a developed strategy implemented consistently.

Monetized Gaming Course is for Elite Players

The Monetized Gaming Course is a membership created for gamers who are looking to learn being an Elite Player to help them score, is also going to provide learning for people who want to build their own customized desktop computer; while also giving education on turning their passion for gaming into an actual business that earns you money. The education will be in both live and recorded video format.

Services I Customize

Customization is often a series of Services using specific products that most Elite Gamers hire me to Implement. From Upgrading a Computer, to Building a Desktop; it often also leads to a unique Setup at home for Gaming.


Upgrading a computer often begins with the Storage, Memory, and Software which are the components that can be replaced; while there are limitations on a laptop we will have more control over the Desktop side instead.


Building a Desktop is often using a Custom Case, a unique box that is designed with enough space to fit the required hardware; and each provide a series of compatible products.


Setting up your Customized experience often include a comfortable desk, along with accessories such as lighting and adjustable chair; it typically all comes together as one theme in consideration to colors even style.

Alain Hernandez

Computer Gamer

I will continue creating game like videos. Sharing my Gameplay experiences when I'm playing live online, on competitive games. I'm going to try focusing on how I maintain my elite level. Videos are also going to be about customization on products, installing memories, upgrading the operating system etc.

On the other hand, what I like to do is create a course, a membership, something that you, the gamer who is serious, can join. Something that you'll pay for monthly or yearly for access to a more inside look at what I do as a Gamer in Business along with building your own desktops.

In addition to that, guys, I've learned that not everyone will be, satisfied with the videos that you'll access on the blog. Instead, you want to subscribe at no cost and learn in a more guided way into either building a PC of your own and profiting online through gaming, and so is more limited. It's very basic, is more of a do it yourself.

One last thing that I thought was very unique too, especially now with everyone being online, is create capabilities on the website where you are able to purchase my services and even products.

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Customer Feedback

I Strive to provide you with an Excellent Experience. Read what some Satisfied Customers have to say.

"Thank u for the video man, it helped me a lot. I have this laptop for about 2 years now and still good."


Subscriber from YouTube

"Bro, Thanks for the visit. Helped me learn how to transfer apps from existing HDD to newly installed SSD."


Customer from Services

"I followed your instructions and successfully put in the graphics card and replaced the power supply! First time inside a computer! Thank you so much "


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Gaming Education

Gaming Education is a YouTube Videos Blog about my Experiences as a Gamer.

Coming Soon - Building a Gaming Desktop with Cooler MasterBox Lite 5 Case

New Video - Battlefield 2042 Live Gameplay on MSI Stealth GS77 Gaming Laptop

Video - Optimizing Games on a Dell 15 7567 Gaming Laptop

Video - Installing the WD Black SN750 SSD in a Cooler Master Gaming Desktop

Video - Using the Alienware Command Center Application on a Dell G7 Gaming Laptop

Video - Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gameplay on Samsung SR35 FHD IPS Monitor

Video - Introducing the EA Desktop Community in BETA Version

Video - Cleaning EVGA GeForce 9800 Graphics Card

Video - Building a Nzxt H510 Elite Gaming Desktop

Watch other Videos about Customizing my Gaming with a Computer.

Subscriber Learning

eBook Guide, Phone Consultation, and a Proven Plan, plus Video Experiences; to help you Learn Gaming Customization.

eBook Download

Download a digital format of the learning.

Phone Consultation

Speak with me about your Gaming.

Recorded Videos

You will have online access to watch Videos.

Proven Plan

I will create you a Proven Plan about Customization.

Subscribe for Access to Customized Gaming from a Gamer.

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Course is Coming Soon

The Gaming Course is going to be an ongoing Membership for paying members who want to learn how to become Elite Players and Monetize their Gaming, while it will also share education to customizations, for Gamers who are interested in that experience. 

Currently under Development and it will Launch soon.


Learning is Coming Soon

The Gamer Learning is a Subscriber Level Education Series at no cost, teaching you the Proven ways to Customize a Computer and Profiting from Gaming; is delivered through Video and Consultation along with Digital formats such as an eBook also a Plan. 

Currently under Development and it will Launch soon.

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